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10 Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation

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We get it! A family trip to Walt Disney World can get pricey. This isn’t about being cheap with Disney (if that’s even possible). We have Disney visitors of different types of financial situations in mind. With that said, here are 10 ways you can get the most out of your travel money.

10. Shop our Discounted Disney Tickets

Florida Ticket Station is an authorized ticket seller for Walt Disney World®, which mean we offer discounted Disney tickets. Not only will you see an average savings of $24 or more with some of our Walt Disney World tickets, but you’ll occasionally see extra savings and offers advertised on our Facebook page (follow us here if you don’t already). In addition, with the purchase of any of our Disney tickets, we include the FastPass+ service.

9. Grocery Delivery

Not only do you have the options to relax and get your groceries delivered to you; you also save on fast food take-out or eating at some of Disney’s pricey restaurants.

Get the items you need without interrupting your stay. With grocery delivery from Publix Super Markets, powered by Instacart, simply go to to shop online for family meals, snacks, over-the-counter medicines, and staple items. Groceries are hand-picked by professional shoppers from Instacart, packed, and delivered to the resort, often in as little as one hour.

8. Gift Cards

Disney Gift Card Florida Ticket Station

There are a few different methods for saving money on Disney gift cards, and we cover all of the methods in our Tips for Saving Money on Disney Gift Cards post. Unfortunately, the best ‘hack’ of stacking plus a Target Red Card to save 10% has been closed as of July 2018, but you can still save around 5%, which is not too shabby

You can save money at Kroger, Sam’s Club, and other stores just by making strategic Disney gift card purchases. These strategies undoubtedly work with other credit cards, too. We have cards with rotating 5% back categories and other time-limited incentives.

Although this way may be the trickiest way to save, you can go several directions when it comes to saving money on Disney gift cards:

1. Wholesale clubs (BJs, Sam’s Club, Kroger etc.) has a standard discount of 4% on Disney gift cards. The final quarter 5% cash back category for Discover is "Wholesale Clubs."

2. Target has three cards branded "REDCards" -- a prepaid debit card, a Target credit card, and a Target MasterCard. When you make purchases from Target using your REDCard, you get 5% off. Strategically plan purchases at Kroger, Sam’s Club, and other stores just by making Disney gift card purchases and save around 5%.

3. You can use Target Gift Cards to purchase Disney Gift Cards. This method only works if you find a source (Ex. and take advantage of their special savings (take 10% off today only).

7. Save Time with Disney FastPass+

Time is money and if you can save on time, you can potentially shut out the idea of spending more money on ticket options (Park Hopper Plus, etc). You can make selections as early as 30 days before you arrive at the Disney Parks. We highly encourage you to use the full 30 days to pick your favorite rides to save line time and ultimately save time on your day.

6. Shop Around for Resort/Hotel Stay

Shop Around for Resort/Hotel Stay Florida Ticket Station

Staying at a Disney hotel/resort can be very nice, but also very pricey. Shopping around on hotel sites such as,, and other third-party sellers are a good place to start. Diamond Resorts often have affordable nightly rates and a special 4-day 3-night offer that may be beneficial to your savings plan.

5. Credit Card Perks

Although this may be used for some credit cards (Chase, American Express, etc.), leveraging credit card rewards can be a great way of getting “free” airfare or hotel rooms…or just paying for some meals.

4. Travel with Disney Annual Pass Holders

Planning a day at Disney with an annual pass holder would certainly be beneficial to you. After all, you will receive free parking, 10%-20% off food items, and a discount on merchandises.

3. Say No to Souvenirs

Say No to Souvenirs Disney Florida Ticket Station

If you are traveling with little ones and you are at a Disney theme park, this may be a tough sell with them. Alternatively, if you know you’ll have a hard time telling your child no, there are many different outlets to purchasing Disney products such as Target, Amazon, eBay, and even the sale/clearance section on  

2. Plan a Day Outside of Disney

There’s so much more to Orlando outside of Disney for little to no cost. Enjoy your resort’s pool and other amenities. Enjoy Florida’s Everglades and gator attraction parks. Take a small drive to the greatest space adventure on Earth, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. We have great offers and prices for all these attractions mentioned and so much more! Click here to view all of your discount ticket options.

1. Use Disney's Photographers For Personal Use

Disney Photographer Florida Ticket Station

Disney's photographers will take a photo at your request, using your own camera, if you ask nicely. Although you’ll miss out on ride photos and the high-quality photo for some, you'll save over $100 by skipping Disney’s Memory Maker.

There are many other ways to save money on your Disney World vacation, and what works for you may not work for others and vice versa. How much you can save all depends on your commitment or dedication you’re willing to make.

Get started here on your savings and take advantage of our Walt Disney World discount tickets!  

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